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High School Basez AU Chapter 4.

Part four of my fic. I should really consider writing longer chapters. Oh well.

High School Basez AU.
Chapter Four.


“JC? JC are you there?” Bobbie’s voice asked from the little black box causing JC to leap for the reciever.
“Hey Bobbie, um what’s up?…. No now’s not a great time…. But…. Okay I’ll see you in 15 minutes….Bye.” Putting the handset down he looked apologetically at the young blond sitting on his bed. “I’m sorry Lance, she just won’t take no for an answer.”
Lance continued to sit not saying anything.
“Lance? Please say something.” JC sounded desperate. A smile began to crack along his lips.
“You kissed me.” Lance whispered as his smile began to transform into a shit eating grin.
“Uh yea I guess I did. Why?”
“You kissed me!” Lance giggled as he began to bounce on JC’s mattress. “YOU KISSED ME! HELL YEA!”
JC laughed partly out of nerves, before he realised no-one was home, and partly out of joy that Lance wasn’t freaking out. “Lance calm down.”
“Why? That was amazing. I can’t believe it.” Lance continued to bounce.
“Calm down because you break my be… Hold up! Amazing? Really?” JC said shocked.
“Uh huh but can we try it again? I think I missed the full effect, not expecting it an all?” Lance asked with a seemingly innocent smile. JC just laughed and closed the distance between the two of them. The kiss was less urgent, but no less intense. The slow languid caress of tongue and teeth. Tiny nips of lips and subsequent moans only showing a tiny proportion of the true feelings within.


“Dammit, she wasn’t supposed to be here for 10 minutes!” JC panted.
“Uh JC, we’ve been making out for 15 minutes.” Lance responded, looking at his watch and trying to smooth down his clothes to look inconspicuous.

**Doorbell Doorbell**

“You better let her in.”
“Fine, I’ll be right back.” JC said running downstairs while Lance laughed quietly and shook his head.


“Hey Bobbie, what’s up?” JC asked from the doorway. Bobbie looked less than impressed and pushed past him, climbing the stairs to his bedroom
“I just came to see you.” The brunette smiled sweetly as she walked a little further up the stairs.
“Bobbie wait!”
“What is up with you today?” Bobbie said as she continued to up to his bedroom. JC raced up to his doorway where Bobbie was standing.
“I can explain…” JC panted before looking into his now empty bedroom. “…about earlier.”
“Well?” Bobbie asked sounding very unimpressed while examining her cuticles.
“I’m sorry I snapped at you earlier…” JC said as he racked his brain for at least a marginally believable lie. “Well if I, um, don’t get at least a B on my next math test my dad is, uh, going to send me to a boarding school or something.”
“Don’t worry I’m sure you will baby, after all you’ve got that geek helping you now!” She said all too cheerfully.
“Bobbie he’s not a geek.” JC was starting to get annoyed.
“Oh right of course not. How could I be so stupid?” The girl said with a roll of her eyes.
“He’s a good guy Bobbie and you’d know that if you had met him for more than 5 minutes!” JC by this point was fully fledged pissed.
“Baby, you must really be stressed if you would yell at me twice.” She started to rub JC’s neck. “Don’t worry I know how to help you to help you relax.” Bobbie started kissing JC’s neck and running her hands over JC’s crotch.
“No Bobbie.” JC said. This however only made Bobbie press her hand down harder. JC jerked away when the image of Lance popped into his head and he pushed Bobbie off him. “I said no. I’m not in the mood.”
“Fine!” Bobbie huffed and stormed out of his bedroom, muttering to herself as she slammed the front door behind her. Sighing JC flopped down on his bed and reluctantly opened his math book. JC laughed as he saw the bright yellow Post-It on the page.
‘Sorry I disappeared, just call me Stealth.
Here’s my E-mail. I’ll be online at 9.

JC just smiled and turned on his computer.


Luv Hannah
P.s If you can think of a title for this series please tell me!
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