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First story posted here!

Hey everyone! I'm new here so here's my story on here. Is this place dead or what?
My first Lance/JC slash story on here! Please be gentle.
Angst! Hope you all enjoy this!

He saved me that night he found me....
Saved me from the depths of darkness that would have swallowed me whole... if he hadn't arrived at the right moment...

I was gay... Big freaky whoop! I couldn't let everyone know that, so I cut... small scratches, deep gashes all over my arms and once across my side...
I would cry a lot over the pain, but learned to deal with it.
It was hard, being in a band that millions of people loved, and being in love with one of your own band-mates...

Yes, in love... I was in love with my band-mate: JC.
But I knew I wouldn't be able to have him... so I cut for him and for myself...


It was Chris's fault that they started to get suspicious....

"I'm so ready to go home now." Justin said, relaxing against the sofa, where we were all talking about the tour ending...
"Yeah..." I replied, letting my arm dangle against the side of the couch.
"Oh! Lance! Your arm is bleeding!" Chris had shouted from the stool he was seated on.
I quickly looked down and saw he was right. My arm was bleeding! Damn it!

"Oh..." I said nonchantly, "I better go clean up, and go to bed."
"Bed?" Joey asked, giving me his famous glare look that I hated soooooo much.
"Well... I am pretty tired." I said, giving them all a false smile and left the room, heading towards my hotel room...
I should have know that JC would have followed... He's just that kind of guy...


After a few minutes of staring at myself in the mirror, I heard knocking on the door...
I open the door a crack and saw JC standing there...
"Hey Lance. Mind if I come in?" He asked as I only nodded my head at him.
He pushed the door open more and slipped in.
My heart began pounding hard and I was shock that he couldn't hear the thunding of my beat.

I wanted to greet him, but bitter came out of my mouth, "What the hell do you want Chasez?"
He sat on my bed and stared incredously at me, "Whoa... Who burned your heart out...?"
"What do you want?" I said, turning my head away from him, looking around at nothing, anything besides him...
"I'm just worried about you, Lance. You bearly eat with us, and you just seem so distance lately."
"Well I've been better JC..." I began, but choked on my sentence before starting to past around the room...

"Lance?" He whispered as I pretending to look for something... No just go away Josh... Leave me alone with my pain...
"Lance... What is happening to you? Why won't you look at me anymore?" He whispered out in his strong voice...
"N-n-nothing. Just leave JC. I'm fine." I said, tripping over my own words and pacing around in front of him.
"I not leaving Lance... till you give me the truth." He stared at me as I continued to pace like a wild animal around the room...

"I have NOTHING to say to YOU!!" I roared at him, turning away from his gaze and smashing my fist against the wall-frame.
"Lance..." He was still asking? "I fucking told you! I have nothing to say to you." I choked out.
"Lance." He started again, getting off the bed and standing close to me, "Lance, let me see your arm."

My eyes that had been shut tight flew open and I pushed myself away from him...
"My arm's just fine. Just a little cut, that's all." I said, walking away from him.
"Then let me see it. Please Lance... Let me see your arm." He continued, heading after me.

My eyes began bubbling and I started shouting useless things at him. "If you knew, it'll kill me and the band. You know nothing JC, so stop acting like you DO!"
After my little out-burst I fell to the floor, wrapped up in my sobs and depths...
I cried heavily, even as I fell hands on me, pulling me up.
JC pulled me into a sitting position, and began pulling my shirt sleeve up...
"God, Lance." He whispered as he stared in silent shock at my scars.
He lifted his face from my arm to my own. "Why? Why the hell would you do something this stupid Lance? Why Lance?!"

Tears began pouring out of my sockets and I cried out, "Because I'm GAY Josh! There I said it, and want to know something else? I've been in love with you all this time!"
I curled into the floor as the tears and sobs wrack through my body...
"Lance?" I heard him whispered my name, but it didn't stop the sobs still flowing out of me...


I must have cried myself to sleep, 'cause when I woke I was in bed with JC holding me close to him.
I smiled, with tears bubbling out. He must care about me to be able to stay with me...
"Thank you Josh... Thank you."
"You're welcome Lance..."
"You heard that?" I stared at his blue orbs bearing into mine.
He reached across and wipe the tears away, "Of course, Lance... I... love you as well. Always have, always will..."
I couldn't help myself; I leaned forward and latched my lips to his. He seemed surprised before pushing back against me.
His tongue pried open my mouth and snuck in tasting me, as he got on top of me, and began kissing down against my neck, sucking against my pulse...
"Damn JC. Where'd you learn to do that?" I asked, panting in the night.
"Just guessed." He said, with a smirk, reaching out and turning out the lights.

I thought he meant to leave, so I said fastly, "Promise me you won't leave me Josh... Please?"
He pulled me against his frame again and whispered into my hair, "I not going to leave you Lance, but you have to promise to stop cutting yourself. O.K.?"
I nodded underneath his chin, listening to him breath gently.
I tighten my arms around him and felt the same as he wrapped me up in his strong arms.

"I promise JC. I promise..."


Please Leave Anyting....
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