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Last part!

Last part to Cut 4 you! Please read and let me know what you thought.
Cute, not angst at all! Angst free!
Some love from JC to Lance!
Read and find out! Somewhat short...

JC heard him and blindly reached behind him and flipped the lamp on...
Lance was mumbling and dry tear tracks was printed on his face.
"Lance! Lance wake up!" JC shouted, shaking the younger a little.

Lance bolted up screaming, before staring at JC with confusion...
"You tried to hurt me." He accused, fear shimmering in his eyes.
"Lance, I've done nothing. It was just a bad dream..." JC replied, moving his hand through Lance's spikey hair.
"A dream?" The younger repeated softly, "So, Chris doesn't know about us?"
"Apparently not, we haven't even started dating, let alone told the others about our sexual points." JC reminded him.

"Oh. Can you do something for me JC?" Lance breathed softly staring at the bedspread as JC stroked his cheek lovely.
"What Lance? I'd do anything for you."
"Kiss me. With passion, and tell me you love me. Please? I need to hear and taste you..." Lance whispered out, turning around on his side.

JC smiled as he turned the light off and move against Lance's back.
His breath made Lance shudder slightly as JC's hands began grabbing him and pulling him closer to him.

"I love you James Lance Bass." JC said, latching his lips onto the side of Lanc's neck; sucking before using his hands, turning the younger.
As Lance slipped from being on his side to his back, JC doved down and caught the younger's lips greedily.
Lance moaned and felt JC's tongue rubbing against his lower lip.
He opened his mouth and felt JC's tongue rubbing against his.
"Mmmm...." Lance moaned into JC's mouth as JC settled over top him.
He whined when JC pull away from his mouth, but moaned deeply as JC began kissing down his neck.
Reaching his Adam's apple, latching his mouth on and sucking against the pulse.
Lance gasped with delight and reached with his hands, rubbing them through JC's hair...
JC moaned against the flesh against his lips before heading back to the younger's mouth, pushing his tongue in and tasting the.... Lanceness of his mouth.

"Did I mention I love you Lance?" JC asked as he pulled away and layed on his back.
"Yes... Thank you JC." Lance mumbled as he inched closer to the warm body.
JC lifted his left arm and Lance curled up against him, pillowing his head on JC's shoulder.
"I hope you have no nightmares now." JC said, wrapping his arm around Lance and squeezing gently.

Lance didn't replied, only snuggled deeper into the broad shoulder...


HoPe YoU LiKeD ThAt EnDiNg. PlEaSe LeAvE AnYtHiNg
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